Harsh Pansuriya


    Software Engineer


  • Having knowledge in Core PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnitor, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3.
  • I have worked on Apache web servers.
  • Familiar with versioning system in Git.
  • Hand on knowledge of operation systems like Windows and Linux.


During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    • Basically These ERP systems build in Core PHP.
    • This systems useful in most of industrial areas.
    • Using it user can record their daily report manages easily without loosing data records.
    • It helps to generate bill or invoices of their products.
    • User can manage their product’s export and import through these type of systems.
    • Almost all the data in invoices and bills generated dynamically.
  • Project Management System
    • In this application there are multiple types of users like project managers, Team Leaders, Developers, Sales person, Designers, HR, etc.
    • All types of projects managed in these system, this is build in laravel framework.
    • Projects can be inserted into it and then manage their estimated hours, leaves of employee and team members of any team.
    • Also, Project Managers and Team Leaders can assign projects to the any of the developers and designers.
  • Application program interface
    • Created many APIs on different frameworks and as well as in Core PHP.
    • This APIs help to take requested data and gives response as per the requested parameters through POST and GET methods.
    • Using it mobile developers can retriev data as per requirement.
  • Other websites
    • Also, Works on many other projects or software which are build in many different frameworks like CodeIgnitor, symfony, Custom Frameworks, etc.
  • Hobbies
    • Traveling, Reading, Music, Movies and Computer Games.