Configuration/Compatibility Testing





  • We have the most popular server operating systems, client operating systems, and networking hardware. Our experienced, industry certified technicians simulate the network environments encountered in today’s marketplace.
  • We evaluate your software product both visually and functionally against all browsers, operating systems, database servers, connection types, speeds, other hardware or software as applicable.
  • Verify the application to determine if it fulfills the configurability requirements
  • Manually causing failures which help in identifying the defects (Ex: changing the regional settings of the system like Time Zone, Language, Date time formats, etc.)
  • Verify the system performance by adding or modifying the hardware resources like Load Balancers, increase or decrease in memory size, connecting various printer models, Scanners etc.
  • Verify system Efficiency based on the prioritization, how efficiently the tests were performed with the resources available to achieve the optimal system configuration.