Project Management System


    Management & Consultancy



  • Project management and accounting have long been challenging for land surveying, engineering, and geospatial services firms.
  • Particularly in small firms, where individuals often fill multiple roles, tasks such as time tracking and invoicing might not be handled in the most efficient way, leading to reduced profitability and increased stress levels
  • An inability to collect and track up-to-date timesheet information prevents organizations from making effective resourcing decisions while inhibiting a holistic view of overall project status.
  • The inability to view overall project status across the entire organization prevents managers from accurately determining whether projects are properly aligned to meet budget and business goals
  • With multiple on-going projects and clients, managers and executives often find it difficult to get the data they need to deliver projects on-time and invoice clients accurately.
  • Project Management System gives senior management complete visibility into the status of each project as well as a holistic view across multiple projects.
  • Project Management System gives managers the visibility they need to compare current project status with estimated costs so they can determine the right course of action to deliver projects on time and within budget.