Ultimate Fund Raiser





  • The client is based in Mississippi, USA. He came up with one idea and concept to create one website where we can help the people in underdeveloped countries/regions of the world like Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe etc.
  • To fulfill the dream, he needs the number of volunteers to conclude this task. Hence he wanted a platform where people can take interest and subscribe to offerings. Volunteers can manage their profiles and their ambitions. If they are eager to help someone at somewhere then they can present their number of ideas and tasks with country or region names and total traveling cost. So that if any donor has the interest in particular story and type of help of volunteer then donor can donate any amount into that volunteer’s personal account. Let’s say Linda has a topic of Medical Relief Trip to Nigeria then under her topic she will represent the whole details. If Donor X is interested, then he/she can donate using PayPal or WePay service to Linda.
  • We had to integrate PayPal’s payment system which was complex at that moment.