Unit Converter App


    Unit Converter and Maths


    Mobile App for Online Unit Converter and calculation Service

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  • Maintain history of conversions including notes with just a tap
  • Create a Unit Converter which can save converted data and has Notes and History capability, Custom Unit/Group Creation, Quick References, Favourites, Notes Search, Functional Calculation Capability, Decimal Accuracy Control, Rounding Options Selection, Sharing Conversion Data including Notes and Formulas via SMS or Email
  • Eliminate the need of a separate paper or app to make notes for conversions
  • Eliminate the need of memorizing conversion results
  • Search for a text in historic conversions
  • Flag important historic conversions for quick references
  • Send conversions with notes and calculation formulas to others via SMS or Email
  • Control custom unit’s conversion factor, decimal accuracy, renaming and even rounding options