API Development

Make smoother and hassle-free shifts in your application with a robust and reliable API. Create experiences that matters.

API (Application Programming Interface) is a significant part of any software module, web solution, plugin, web design, or web application as it lays the base standards for accessing a web-based application. As API is an integral component that allows reliable and smooth interaction between system hardware, databases, and software components, it plays a major role in defining the success of your application or a web tool.

To the users, only the interface of the software is visible. However, API is responsible for handling the programming interface by integrating different applications. It functions in the background so that can seamlessly use the software without worrying about the flow of control between different modules and applications. Almost all the robust apps today are powered by highly specialized APIs that keeps the execution smoother – the utmost significance of APIs can be gauged from this fact.

Powerful APIs are not a result of an accident; it requires industry insight, technical excellence, and a core understanding of the business requirement. At TridhyaTech, we have a specialized infrastructure an experienced team that delivers APIs with legitimate and clean code design. We develop highly customized APIs that are easy to implement and use, well-documented, scalable, powerful, secure, and error-free. Not only API development, but TridhyaTech also provides seamless API integration that facilitates hassle-free communication between different programs in software. With our API integration services, you can easily integrate leading tools into your software product.

Key Services

With excellent technical knowledge and industry insights, we provide API development service as well as API integration to various applications across all the verticals.

API Development for Mobile Applications

Use of mobile applications has been constantly helping businesses endeavor to meet their ultimate objectives. With the increasing need to develop mobile apps to ensure engagement and boost sales, businesses need APIs that are robust and make app functions smoother. We, at TridhyaTech, can develop APIs that will:

  • Check account balance, monitor data usage, and pay bills
  • Schedule appointment and finds map locations

API Development for Cloud Computing

Cloud APIs allow the software to fetch data and request computation from cross-platform or vendor specific services with the use of a direct or indirect interface. With the use of cloud-based APIs, developers and administrators can integrate applications into the cloud. These APIs are used in social networking to use apps in a more exciting way. They are also used in Google Drive and other similar cloud storage platforms.

API Development for Web-based programs and apps

Web-based APIs are used as an interface for web server as well as for web browser. Web APIs allows web tools and apps to access information about the system hardware and data stored on the system. Specialized developers at TridhyaTech develop web APIs that makes the transition and data exchange easier.

Leverage your project:

TridhyaTech helps leverage your software by leveraging with the following range of API development service:

New API for existing projects

We design and develop APIs that eliminates the glitches in programming transition in your existing projects.

Building private API

We develop and deliver APIs that works in harmony with the internal system to make your project successful.

Integrating with third-party API

We integrate with third-party APIs or tools or programs for a seamless experience.