Product Support & Maintenance

With our product support and maintenance services, foster innovation, client satisfaction, and cut down later stage maintenance cost.
Stay aligned with the market with product support and maintenance services:

The day when your software product releases in the market mark the beginning of your product lifecycle. Just when the product development activity ends, your product makes a new beginning as it goes into the hands of customers and competes with the other software in the market. Also, it needs to ensure that it matches the high-paced technological growth. Once the products take its baby steps into the market the managers need to start planning on how to incorporate the feedback received from the users and keep up with the tech advancements.

Once flaws get cluttered up, it is difficult to make modifications and requires huge resources that might cost you even more than the original software development rate. It is wise to keep a constant check on your product and encourage its basic support and maintenance on a fixed interval. After the software launch, it requires significant investment to maintain multiple version of its old code, to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and support the high-end hardware, to keep steps with the customer requirement.

Considering the client demands and the inherent challenges arising in the software product, TridhyaTech has devised a unique software maintenance process. Our expert team helps businesses makes a smooth adaption and incorporation to newer trends and client requirements. We help businesses achieve traction and sustain success with our impeccable maintenance and encouraging support to their software product.

Our Support and Maintenance Offerings

Product Support and Bug Fixing:

  • Tailor an optimized patch management strategy
  • Fix the bugs by system patching
  • Mitigate security risks if any
  • Improve product performance and usability

Product Enhancement and Upgrade:

  • Enhancement of mobility and SAAS
  • Studying UX design and implementing changes for meeting the needs of existing users
  • Support for internationalization and localization of your software

Troubleshooting and Tech Support:

  • Tough QA to eliminate bugs
  • Tracking bugs and reporting
  • Rapid steps for resolving bugs
  • Remote software support
  • Quality and constant product availability to users

Product Integration and Deployment:

  • Support for product deployment at client premises
  • Integration with existing system
  • Hardware integration support
  • Configuration support for deployment at client’s end
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