Android Expert



  • Starting from analysing the system to successfully deliver it to client.
  • Having knowledge of working with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & IOT based projects.
  • Developed apps which are supported by Mobiles and Tablets.
  • Having knowledge of Java, Android, Flutter and cross platform app development.
  • I organise the objective and strategies in such a way that it meets the company goals and objectives.


During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.

Dating App

  • Social media login.
  • Swiping cards like Tinder.
  • Recommended matches.
  • One to one chat.
  • Purchase SUPER LIKES.
  • Plan purchase for best matches.

Photo Editor App

  • Select photo from gallery.
  • Resize photo.
  • Apply different filter.
  • Set Emojis.
  • Rotate photo.
  • Add text to photo.
  • Set photo brightness, sharpness, colour intensity.

Online Music & Video Streaming App

  • Stream music online .
  • Create playlist.
  • Stream video online.
  • Watch video in different densities/definitions.
  • Add to favourite.
  • Purchase subscriptions for Unlimited Video & Music download.
  • Play Music & Video offline.

Business to Customer Booking App

  • Multiple user login.
  • Business profile creation.
  • Add Employees by business.
  • Book service by customer.
  • See available booking date & times.
  • Booking history.
  • Payment for booking service.

Fitness App

  • Gym,freelance trainer,customer–Roles.
  • Customer–Search nearby Gym or freelance trainer.
  • Book Gym or freelance trainer.
  • Gym or freelance trainer–Create workouts & diets.
  • Gym or freelance trainer – Assign workout & diets to clients.
  • Customer–Purchase training programs.
  • Customer–Track workout & diet assigned by Gym or freelance trainer.
  • Add check-in’s to track the progress.
  • Chart & reports to track the progress monthly and weekly.

Instant Car Booking App

  • Search nearby available car.
  • Different filters for search.
  • Select booking date & time.
  • Make payment.
  • Upload documents to verify the user identity.

Online Food Ordering App

  • Search nearby restaurant .
  • Apply different filters for search .
  • View menu.
  • Make customization on items.
  • Add items to cart.
  • Make payment/checkout.
  • Apply coupons.
  • Live track order.

Stock Management App

  • QR scan on items.
  • Add items to stock .
  • Check available stock.
  • Verify stock with sold items.
  • Item history.

E-Commerce App

  • Select from multiple categories.
  • Offer section.
  • Colour selection.
  • Size selection.
  • Apply promo code/discount coupons.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Track order.
  • Order history.

Online Money Transfer App

  • Multiple languages.
  • Best exchange rates.
  • Money transfer globally within 24 hours.
  • See real time exchange rates.

Education Details

  • Completed Bachelor of Engineering from L.D.R.P – ITR (Gujarat Technological University) in 2014 .


  • IEEE student branch volunteer in 2012 – 2013 .


  • Reading Books, Watching Movies, Travelling.