iOS Developer


iOS Developer having knowledge on various areas like Designing, Database, Animation, Location and third-party Library implementation. Mainly worked on Swift and Objective – C. Special expertise on Core-data.


Technical Skills

  • Objective-C, or increasingly, the Swift 4.2 programming language.
  • Apple’s Xcode IDE.
  • UI and UX design experience.
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services..
  • Understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines.
  • Version control like Source tree, GitHub, GitLab.
  • Database like SQLite, Core data and Firebase.

Personal Skills

  • A Good Communicator.
  • Team Player.
  • Willing to Delegate.
  • Influential.
  • A Skilled Negotiator.


  • Set clear Project goals.
  • Delegate tasks and set deadlines.
  • Oversee day-to-day operation.
  • Motivate team members.
  • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts.
  • Recognise high performance and reward accomplishments.
  • Working with team as well as Standalone.


During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.

Restaurant App

  • Listing of restaurants with their ratings.
  • Listing of Menu for individual restaurant.
  • User can add items to cart and place order using various payment facilities like COD, Wallet.
  • One user can send referral to other user to get discount on order.
  • User can add money to Wallet to pay directly using Wallet balance.
  • User can see order tracking.

Q&A App

  • User can give offline Test and check his efficiency in various subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, etc.
  • User can see analysis of given Test.
  • User can see list of various Mathematics formula.
  • User can give first test as free test and then he/she needs to pay to give more Tests.

Car Rental App

  • User can see list of cars available with their details and subscription price at near by location.
  • User can subscribe a car using manual option.
  • User car subscription request goes to multiple Dealers.
  • Dealer can accept/reject subscription request.
  • Stripe Payment Integration to manage payment.
  • User must need to subscribe after trail period to see surf spots.

Health care App (Gym – Client)

  • Online Gym.
  • There are 3 kind of user. Client,Gym, Trainer.
  • User can get Workout, Nutrition and Training Schedule.
  • Online Tracking of health.
  • Track with various chart, chat with trainer and gym.

Education Details

  • Master in Computer Application(M.C.A.) from GLSICT,Ahmedabad.


  • Playing Volleyball, Travelling, Foodie and Nature Lover.