Wordpress Developer


A result oriented and skillful professional having excellent knowledge of IT sector possesses 6 months experience.

Technical Skills

  • Languages

    PHP,WordPress,E-commerce Platform(WooCommerce).

  • Database


  • Operating Systems

    WINDOW 7/8/10

  • Projects

    During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.


    • In this product having the feature of Car Services.
    • Which supports asynchronous interaction of multiple facilitates like : Mechanical And Servicing, Panel And Paint, Accessories And Parts & Vehicle Sales.


    • This website provide various types of Food Products.
    • Goei Eete is a foundation and therefore has no profit motive. The board consists of Hans Alberts and Henk van der Heijden. Goei Eete started in 2009 as a citizens’ initiative with the aim of approaching the traditional food chain in a different way: from the question. By uniting consumers, a fist can be made so that the farmer gets a better price, he delivers his food to a loyal group of people and the contact with the market is restored. It feels so safe for the consumer that he knows who made his food and how. And that everything is local. Because why as much as with food when you do not have to. We mainly support many volunteers who help us in the areas of ICT, finance, legal affairs, marketing, logistics and distribution. Group photo Foundation Goei Eete acts from the idea that in a positive way changes can be brought about. We believe in opportunities, believe in the skills of the individual and the strength of the group, but all of this on a modern basis and on a solid professional basis. Our doors are open, we are curious about your ideas. Join!

    Pet Zoo

    • This website provide various types of Food Products for Animals.
    • With over 13 years of pet service, Petzoo is one of the premier pet shops, obsessed with providing health and happy experiences for animals and for those who love them. We do this by providing the products, services, advice and experiences that keep animals physically fit, socially involved and emotionally happy.

    My Freda

    • We like to think we’re more than just a period subscription service. We want to be a gathering place for health- and socially-conscious women who want to change the way the world looks at both period products and periods themselves – as a natural and healthy process.


    • In this website supply all kinds of customized panels and fronts for various applications. The concept is therefore a customized solution for all your fronts or panels in your home.

    Education Qualificatiion

    • Passed B.Sc Animation & Multimedia in 2017 from The Global Open University Of Nagaland, Dimapur with First Class.


    • Traveling, Listening Music & Reading Books.