Android Developer


I’m a Native Android Application Developer having total 2 years and 10 months of experience. I am strong engineering professional skilled in Android Design and Development, Database, Animation and Third party libraries. I believe in Establish, build and manage relationships with Clients & Colleague. I am a lifetime learner.


  • I am well aware about Software Development Life Cycle.
  • I know Java and Object Oriented Programming concepts very well.
  • I have started Android mobile application development in Eclipse and then after move to Google’s official development tool Android Studio.
  • I am well aware about Android SDK, Gradle and Support libraries of Android.
  • Also, I know SQLite, Room and REST web service to store, retrieve and display data in the mobile applications.
  • I have worked on MVVM, MVP and Singleton design patterns which are very useful for reusability and code structure.
  • My debugging skill is very good to find and solve the issues in the application
  • I am familiar with different version control system like GitLab, GitHub


  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Motivational


Rental App

  • User can see list of cars available with their details and subscription price at nearby location User can see nearby posts on Feed and add link, comment.
  • User can subscribe a car using manual option.
  • User car subscription request goes to multiple Dealers .
  • Dealer can accept/reject subscription request.

Clothes Swapping App

  • User can see all users’ Tagging post and make it as discard or favorite.
  • User can tag their clothes with its detail and post it.
  • Swipe clothes with each other.
  • Accept/Decline request for swipe.

Calendar Event App

  • Connect with anyone across the globe just by searching a first and last name
  • User can add their events on calendar and publish it or save as a draft.
  • User can see all events in calendar of its connected users.
  • One to one chat and Group chat.

Fan Base App

  • Celebrities – Download, register, create, and publish your calendar.
  • Fans – download, register as a Fan, and follow to connect to the future.
  • Security – Celebrities must verify their identity via a brief video recording.
  • Celebrities can upload photos right into the event for their fans and followers to view and save.


  • Passed B.E Computer in 2016 from Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science,Rajkot


  • Listen Music, Swimming, Watching Movies