Android Developer


I would like to be a part of company where I can make optimum use of my abilities, to stay in touch with newer technologies and programming practices to make significant contribution to employer organization.


  • I am well aware about Software Development Life Cycle and I can work in any methodology like Agile and Waterfall according to requirement.
  • I have total 8 month of experience in Information Technology and service industry. I have contributed in 9 projects till now. I am good in UI designing, programming with new functionality like gestures, sensors, widgets, animations and other.
  • I know Java and Object Oriented Programming concepts very well.
  • I have started Android mobile application development in Google’s official development tool Android Studio.
  • I am well aware about Android SDK, Gradle and Support libraries of Android.
  • Also, I know Room and REST web service to store, retrieve and display data in the mobile applications.


  • Quick Learner
  • Teamwork
  • I always find new opportunity to explore myself more and give my best.


Mobile Data Tracking App

  • Three types of users consist in this app, one is user ,second is admin and another is super admin.
  • User can Register first time using mobile number and OTP verification using fire base.
  • User can verify app once app icon remove from mobile dashboard automatically.
  • Super Admin can add admin and give authentication for login.
  • Super admin assign user to admin . After assign user admin set a data plan and duration for user
  • User reached data limit 50%,80% or 100% of plan send a notification to admin and get SMS from his device.
  • If user complete his plan, it can not use Wi-Fi for particular IP set by admin and If try to use Wi-Fi it’s disable automatically.

Online Grooming App

  • Application consist Two types of users, one is user ,second is Professional.
  • User can see different different services like Hair, Massages, Facial, Nail, Manicure & Pedicure, Shaving.
  • Place booking with multiple services with good discounts.
  • Booking History with it’s status,Modify booking,Cancel booking before 24 hours of booking date.
  • PRO user will get new booking alerts.
  • Can accept or decline booking.
  • Payment get way using stripe payment.

Shoe App

  • Purpose of this application is to provide full Information about new Released and before release shoes
  • User can register with their email address and user name.
  • User can easy to find which month in which shoes released.
  • Search shoes easily in app.
  • User easy to add shoe in Watch list and like and dislike shoe.
  • User can direct checkout from app

Online Contribution App

  • There are two types of user for this application: as a Contributor and Distributor.
  • This app is mainly for underprivileged student who can afford their study material and school stuff.
  • User can see nearby list of distributor and send a request.
  • Distributor can upload vagarious scheme related education.
  • Contributor user can easy to donate stuff and money.
  • Contributor can contribute money using Google pay payment gateway.


  • Passed Bachelor of Information and Technology (B.E.IT) in 2019 from Government Engineering college, Modasa


  • Listen Music, Travelling, Learn New Things