Shopify Developer



  • Handled multiple projects independently right from Requirement-analysis , Client communication and project deployment.
  • Believing in strength of team as Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
  • Having knowledge in Shopify, laravel, Core PHP,MongoDb,MySQL,AWS,SSL creation,Django,Python,API creation,Cron Job,Webhooks, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and Social integration.
  • Hand on knowledge of operation systems like Windows and Linux.
  • I have worked on different web servers like Apache & Aws.
  • Have good experience to work on deadline projects and delivered on timeline.
  • Have good knowledge in Git.


During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.

    Syncify App : Syncify is a basically application that Integrate N number of store.which consist of Parent child relationships.All the product of parent store will be Sync into child store,if any child store get an order inventory should be maintain in all contacted store.

      Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Developed the functionality to Fetching the products details.
    • Creating functionality of creating code for child store.
    • Developed the Functionality to integrate code to child store.
    • Implementing functionality of integrating product from child store to parent store.
    • Developing functionality of integrating specified fields to parent store.
    • Implemeting functionality of updating products using GRAPHQL.
    • Impleting functionality of mailing to parent and child store after integration.
    • Hosting application on AWS.
    • Creating SSL certificates For app.

    Returnify App : Returnify is an Shopify Application which is helps customer to returning the Product.

      Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Developed the functionality to Fetching the details of orders.
    • Displaying the products that consist of product and allow user to select return reason.
    • Developed the Functionality to Make shipment request to customer.
    • Developed Functionality to Review The return request to admin based on user Marinating the status to the customer whether the request is valid or not.
    • Developed Tracking of an return Request.
    • Hosting application on AWS.
    • Creating SSL certificates For app.

    Wholesale Pricing App : Wholesale pricing is a app that allows a admin to set specified percentage of discount for perticular Product,variant,collections,vendor,and product type.

      Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Developed the functionality to Creating tags ,updating tags,deleting tags.
    • Developed the functionality to Creating Groups ,updating Groups,deleting Groups.
    • Developing functionality of updating tags and Groups to metafields.
    • Implementing functionlity of fatching Customer Tags,Products,variants,Collection,Vendor,Products type from shopify and Storing in to MONGODB.
    • Developing functionality of geting tags on shopify theme during customer login and display discounts as per tags.
    • Hosting application on AWS.
    • Creating SSL certificates For app.

    Wishlist App : Wishlist is used when store has many items to choose from, and user dont want to buy but want to keep for future.

      Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Developing fucntionality of fatching products using api.
    • Implemting functionality of customize the look and feel of Wishlist.
    • Implemting functionality storing and displaying wishlisted products on store.
    • Implementing functionality of sending email to customer after specific time.
    • Hosting application on AWS.
    • Creating SSL certificates For app.


    • Passed M.C.A. in 2018 from Department of Computerscience Rollwala, Gujarat University with First Class with Distinction
    • Passed B.C.A. in 2015 from Navgujarat college of computer application, Gujarat University, Incometax,ashram road, First Class with Distinction


    • Reading Motivational Story, Swimming, Travelling