Software Testing / Quality Assurance



Hands-on Experience in Software Testing, Website Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Quality Assurance, Risk Management.

6+ Month of core experience in Software Testing/ Quality Assurance, Client Support & Product Implementation. Onsite Experience of Product Implementation, Project Signoff & UAT Pass.

Comprehensive knowledge of Test Models like Water Fall Model, Agile Model, Scrum Testing, Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life Cycle, Manual Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, API Testing, Rest API Testing, Web service Testing etc.

Hands-on experience in working on Web Based, Client/Server, DB, Security Testing, VM Ware Work Stations.


  • Monitoring Testing Activities, Test Planning, Resource Management, Design Test Specifications, Design Test Data, Testing Procedures, Release Test Specification, Release Check Lists etc., Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, User Acceptance Testing.

Product Support

  • Product Demos, Pre-Sales Activities, Client Support, Project Implementation, UAT Sign Off. On-Site Project Implementation

Operating Systems

  • Windows 9x/NT, Windows Servers 2000 to 2016/ME/XP, UNIX, IBM Mainframe

Performance Testing Tool

  • Load Runner, JMeter

Project Management Tool

  • Trello, Asana

API Testing

  • API Testing, Rest API Testing, Web Service Testing using SoupUI & Advanced Rest Client

Bug Tracking Tool

  • Mantis, BugZilla, Jira


During my professional career I have worked on multiple projects on different frameworks. I have list down some major projects as below.

Traffic Control

  • Escalating road accidents has became one amongst the largest causes behind the growing death rate.
  • This App is return up with innovative concepts which can aid the individuals to follow rigorous traffic rules declining the holdup also as road accidents occurring in areas hidden from cameras put in at spherical about.


  • Discovrus connects neighbouring businesses to each other’s What this means is that you will be able to sell more of your amazing products or services to businesses just around the corner.
  • We use a map to help businesses locate you and your products or services. But it also allows you to find out more about the businesses in your local area too that you may have not known about.
  • Our mission is to connect you to neighbouring businesses so that you can explore a world of opportunities right on your doorstep.


  • Travelling,Cooking,Listening to Loud Music,Adventure trips